Resources and Reports

  • Joint Testimony by Verified Voting and Voter Action Regarding House Bill 1000 | PDF

  • State Recount Laws Searchable Database - Created by the Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota (CEIMN), the State Recount Laws Searchable Database is a tool to describe and catalog the diversity and complexity of state recount laws in a manner that is useful and understandable to all stakeholders | Click Here to visit website

  • "We The People? Corporate Spending in America After Citizens United"- written testimony by Free Speech For People General Counsel, Jeffrey Clements, presented to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary on March 10, 2010 | PDF 

  • Doug Jones letter to Colorado Senate Majority Leader Kenneth Gordon and Secretary of State The Honorable Michael Coffman Regarding All Mail in Ballot Voting | PDF


  • "Can DREs Provide Long Lasting Security: The Case of Return Oriented Programming and the AVC Advantage"- report presented before the EVT/WOTE 2009 conference in Montreal, August 2009. PDF | Conference Website | Report Video


  • To view information, compiled by the Pew Center, on statewide voter database systems and a list of states which have outsourced the creation and maintenance of such systems to private companies, Click Here


  • To view the Computer Technologist's Statement on Internet Voting, Click Here 


  • To Read the Most Recent Voter Action Newsletter, Click Here


  • Watch the Vote 2008 General Election: A Brief Report - November, 2008 | PDF


  • Voter Action’s Testimony for the Pennsylvania House Representatives Committee on State Government -  Public Hearing on General Election Preparedness, September 25, 2008 | PDF


  • University of New Mexico 2006 Post Election Audit, September 2008 | PDF


  • Directive Concerning the Use, Implementation and Operation of Electronic Voting Systems by the County Boards of Elections -  Issued by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, September 3, 2008 | PDF


  • Voter Action's 2nd Edition Newsletter - September 2008 | PDF


  • Save Our Votes reports:  How can we prevent long lines from disenfranchising voters in this year's election? - August 2008 | PDF


  • Maryland Primary Watch 2008 - May 2008 | PDF


  • Voter Action's 1st Quarter Newsletter - March 31, 2008 | PDF


  • Letters to Election Officials- February 2008

Voter Action Letter to New Jersey Attorney General Milgram | PDF , Press Release

Mercer County Clerk Letter to New Jersey Superintendent of Elections | PDF 


  • Election Online Report:  Back to Paper- February 2008 | PDF


  • Summary of State Actions: A Voter Action Report- February 2008PDF


  • Examples of State and Local Government Actions Against Deceptive and Other Unlawful Practices by Voting Machine Companies | PDF


  • Regarding Meaningful Election Reform- A Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail Is Not a Reliable Back Up - April 1,2007    New paper by John Gideon. Word | PDF



  • Statement Calling for Election Systems Featuring Both Accessibility and Security - March 19, 2007  Read Report                                                        




  • New Draft Report on Sarasota Undervotes  - January 25, 2007 | PDF


  • E-Voting Machine Malfunctions in 2006 Mid-Term Elections Report's Press Release | Full Report  


  • Letter to Congress urging paper ballot requirements - December 14, 2006 | PDF


  • NIST paper on recommending de-certification of DREs - November 2006 | PDF


  • Electronic Voting Machine Reference Guide 2006 - November 2006 | read here


  • Study on History of Contested Federal Elections: CRS Report for Congress - October 2006 | PDF


  • Top to Bottom Review:  Decertification/Recertification Decisions Issued by Secretary of State Debra Bowen  read here


  • Ohio Evaluation and Validation of Election Related Equipment, Standards and Testing PDF I view entire reporting here


  •  Optical Scan State Survey | Survey and Report by New Yorkers for Verified Voting, October 2005 | PDF