Security debate grows over Internet voting

Richard Wolf USA Today Oct 26 2010
State efforts to let military and overseas voters cast ballots using the Internet have set off warnings from computer security experts that elections could be subject to cyberattacks.

The debate intensified after the District of Columbia tested an Internet voting system for possible use next month and invited computer scientists to try hacking into it. They did, without much trouble.

Arizona and West Virginia will allow military and overseas voters to use the Internet on Nov. 2 with systems the states claim are safe. More than 20 other states let those voters use e-mail, which some election security experts say is just as vulnerable. Congress has asked the Pentagon and the states to conduct pilot projects.

Computerized options for the nation's 4 million to 5 million military and overseas voters have spread almost as fast as the use of touch-screen machines in the United States a decade ago. Although no fraud has been detected, the computer lines are fraught with danger.

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