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Voter Action is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to ensure election integrity in the United States through legal advocacy, research, and public education.  We aim to protect an open and transparent election process, one in which our elections at the federal, state, and local level are accessible and verifiable.  We support the basic civil and political rights of all voters to cast their ballots in an independent manner and to have to their votes accurately recorded and counted.  We seek to reclaim our elections for the public domain, controlled by the voters and not by private interests. 

Since our inception, we have provided citizens with recourse when equipment fails; protected jurisdictions from the acquisition and use of privatized, electronic voting systems; provided a centralized legal resource regarding election integrity and election privatization issues; empowered ordinary citizens to become involved in the election processes; educated election officials, the citizenry, the media, civil rights and civic participation organizations about the problems associated with DRE voting machines and other outsourced electronic processes; and developed a skilled legal network working in defense of election integrity across the country. 

The United States faces today a serious threat to the integrity of our electoral process. A core basis of that threat comes from the increasing privatization of our public elections. Election officials across the country are outsourcing to private vendors critical aspects of our election process – the recording and counting of our votes via electronic voting machines and central tabulators; the maintenance of voter registration databases by private corporations; the control of who accesses the ballot via electronic poll books; and the determination of how we audit and recount our elections when proprietary software is involved. Since 2000, the nation has witnessed a dramatic rise in the influence and control which private companies wage in the way we conduct our elections. Voter Action is at the forefront of challenging this threat to our democracy posed by the growing private control of our elections.

Currently, Voter Action Inc., is on hiatus as we develop new leadership to carry the organization forward. New threats such as Internet voting will be the focus of the next phase of our mission to protect election integrity for all voters. 


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Voter Action has assembled a broad legal team with which it partners to carry out the work of its Legal Advocacy Project.

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